A Client’s Review of her Studio Family Photography Session with Seattle Family Photographer Brea Bursch

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Hi there! My name is Anh and I am the lucky mother of two little girls and a very handsome husband. Recently, my family had an urban family photo shoot and studio photo session with Seattle family photographer Brea Bursch.

Now, I have never been one for photography sessions.

…because I prided myself on not being sentimental.  I would argue that professional photos were too expensive; or too much work; or, let’s be honest here,  just plain ridiculous.  But then I turned 30. THIRTY YEARS OLD.

Apparently sentimentality increases while metabolism decreases at 30.

As the big birthday approached, I realized that the only thing I truly wanted to celebrate surviving 30 years was a beautiful family photo shoot. Guys!, we lived a lot in my 20s! We got married, had kids, changed careers, survived some really hard seasons and celebrated some truly great seasons.  I wanted family photos to capture the beauty of the life that I was blessed enough to live so far right where we were at now.

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Choosing the perfect family photographer near us was easy.

I am surrounded by amazing creatives: painters, jewelry makers, Joanna Gaines-level homemakers, artists of every sort, and photographers. Even among the professional family photographers in my network, Brea was the clear choice.  If anyone was going to capture this milestone then it would have to be her. I have known Brea for years and I have admired for years. Did you know the woman has her work displayed on two entire floors at Swedish Edmonds Hospital and she has been in business for a DECADE?!? No big deal, guys, no big deal.

To say that Brea is gifted would be an understatement.

It is not only the photos she produces that are valuable…  The entire experience was worth the price.  It was worth the budgeting and planning because I was not just in it for the photos; I was in it for the relaxed, fun, low stress photo shoot experience for my family.  I tend to be that “crazy” mom when I am super anxious and the work of coordinating our family photo shoot had me topped out. It was vital I had someone who could help coach me through the potential meltdown moments when I was wound tight expecting perfection at every turn.

mother daughter portrait on white background asian

Little did I know, imperfection is perfect.

Perfection isn’t everyone ‘behaving’ and looking at the camera and smiling every second… it’s actually the in between moments where my family’s genuine affection and personalities came out. Brea was able to keep all of us, even this crazy mama, relaxed and having a great time!

Brea has an incredible of making everyone feel at ease.

This was a must for me because my husband is an introvert and my youngest is really shy so I needed a photographer who was able to produce high-level work while maintaining a family-like feel. My husband barely complained and my girls had fun showing off their distinct personalities. Brea was truly go with the flow and nothing seemed to faze her.

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The investment of a family portraits with Brea is priceless.

These will be the family photos that we will show our future sons-in-law, those we will put in our girl’s graduation page for yearbook, and those that will play during their wedding slideshows. They are a tangible, real reminder for our daughters about the depth of love between their parents because of the moments that were captured when their father and I were dancing. I will always remember exactly how my babies folded up into my lap, even after they are grown.

This is the season and the milestones we get to remember forever because we have the beautiful portraits from Brea.

Interracial family portrait urban location

3 Secret Truths about Pregnancy from Seattle Professional Pregnancy Photographer

Sometimes… Pregnancy is the worst.

You can say it! It’s ok. I won’t tell.

As a decade long Seattle Maternity Photographer and mother of four myself, I am all to aware that pregnancy, labor and delivery is a season in a woman’s life where there seems to be a sign on her forehead that says “Please give me unsolicited advice and please tell me the worst possible labor & delivery story. Oh, and this big baby bump? Of course you can caress it without asking.”

newborn baby toes in hospital blanket brea bursch photographer

For. The. LOVE.

People of the world, can we keep those labor stories that seem to come straight out of American Horror Story (and inevitably happened to a cousin’s sister’s best friend) to OURSELVES? No beautifully pregnant woman wants your to paint a portrait about how their baby could get stuck and require the jaws of life to be freed from her womb. Or  how you ripped from point A to point C (and maybe beyond…). Or a myriad other things that can occur in this picture of maternity life.

Luckily, if you have friends who have given birth and have that family thing going on, they can become the source of advice, encouragement and real talk.  They help quiet down the advice of the crazy uncle or aunt who need to give advice on everything from what kind of prune juice to buy to where to get those beautiful maternity portraits (SPOILER ALERT: it’s not your uncle who has that super nice DSLR he got at Costco). Your friends can stand in the gap and commiserate about  the random old woman who slaps your hips (without permission) to predict the gender of the baby (for real, friend. FOR REAL).

beautiful pregnant mom in purple gown with husband backlit brea bursch photographer

I have those friends, and I am thankful!, but there are just some things that even your friends don’t tell you about maternity life, labor and delivery so I’m gonna fill you in…

  1. Your entire body gets peach fuzz. You know… the type of peach fuzz that prepubescent boys get on the top of their lips and they claim it’s a mustache but really it just looks like they haven’t washed? Yes, THAT KIND. Some ladies won’t be able to tell they’ve developed peach fuzz because they were blessed by the gods with light hair or just can’t even see much of their body anymore because all belly. But there are those other ladies who can see it five minutes after a positive pregnancy test and have some real fears about looking like a yeti. Don’t worry though.  The peach fuzz goes away or at least it become the least important thing on your mind as you prepare for your newborn to arrive.
  2. The moments matter.  Pregnancy is hard and there is no shame in admitting all the times where you wish it would just be over because your hips hurt, you haven’t seen your feet in ages, and your body is stretching beyond its actual ability and… Well. You now look like a purple tiger with all these stripes. But let me tell you that moments matter and they are some of the fastest slow moments you will ever experience (colicy newborns are another of those, heads up!). Right around 30 weeks pregnant when your hair is lush like a goddess and your belly is nicely round and firm and no longer looks like a big lunch bump is when you realize you have embraced your body and you are doing something amazing. Or the moment when you and your partner see your baby for the first time and you fall in love with someone you have never met. Or the first days of your newborn’s life and every single detail of their littleness. Relish those moments and remember them forever with professional photography via a maternity photo session, birth session, or hire a baby photographer for your newborn session . Don’t chance someone in your family taking on that responsibility – there are no redos! Let them live in that moment. Spend the money and get a professional because that person is trained to capture everything you never want to forget.
  3. The first BM after birth may give you PTSD. The first time you poop after giving birth is possibly as anxiety producing and painful as birth without meds. Your body has just made the magical transformation from pregnant she-beast to terrified new mom and it will feel like you are trying to pass a baseball. Both in diameter and shape.  You will worry about tearing the stitches. You will cry out. Cold sweats, shaking knees, and clenched hands will be present too. …And maybe your husband will offer to call the ambulance like mine did because it just felt so… unmanageable and terrifying and the literal worst. So avoid heavy foods and eat all the greens, take the stool softeners, and buy a enema. Just in case. You’re welcome in advance.

I wish someone would have told me these things! So I am here to share the love and spread the enema lovin’ news. I hope you laughed entirely too hard and possibly peed yourself a bit because you have lost control of your bladder… just like I have and the countless mothers before me. Because #momlife.

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To ensure your moments that matter are with your forever, Brea recommends scheduling your maternity session for weeks 30-34 of your pregnancy, birth sessions are on demand, and newborn photo sessions within the first two weeks of life. Please note that Brea’s availability books weeks, if not months, in advance so once week 12 arrives (or earlier) please be sure to drop me a line! To learn more or secure your session, please inquire via contact form.

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